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Circuit Road Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir, 192126

90 km from Srinagar Airport...

+91 705 117 8606

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Deodar: Our multi cuisine Restaurant offering wide range of food starting from Kashmiri Cuisine, Indian, Mughlai, Chinese & Continental. We have two buffet restaurants as well namely Lidder and Tulian to cater breakfast and dinner to our In-House guests staying on plan meals.

Café Mocha: Our Coffee Shop offering all types of coffees like Americano coffee, cappuccino, Filter Coffee, Mocha, Espresso Romano, Ristretto, Smoothies, shakes and mocktails.

Sheesha Lounge: This rooftop Sheesha lounge has a stunning view of the skyline where we serve Coffees and snacks apart from various flavors of “Sheesha”